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Realistic skulls painted in acrylics and oils



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About the Artist

Jinx currently resides in California creating beautiful, realistic art through paintings, taxidermy, and mini sculptures. Her recent work focuses on the beauty of skulls, in a variety of mediums (pencils, acrylic, oils). With great attention to the details of bone she then contrasts the skull against a basic color or patterned background.

Jinx is a resident artist at the Hive Gallery and Studios in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a great space for her to work on projects without interruptions. She is usually there at least once a week painting away upstairs.

Growing up in the Midwest she watched lots of horror movies, along with any art instructional shows that were on (including, of course, Bob Ross). She later developed an interest in the medical field, watching doctor and surgery shows. Today you can see the influence these types of shows have had on her artwork.

After graduating from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts she moved to the warmer weather of California. Since then she has shown in the Los Angeles area, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Santa Ana, Orange, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, New Mexico, Seattle, North Carolina, Florida, Canada, and Australia.



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