It's been too long!

Holy moly! It's been forever since I've updated you guys on what I'm doing. Long story short, I had a baby (big reason). I'm still painting and doing shows. Right now I'm working on some coasters for the La Luz de Jesus annual coaster show later this year.

Time to get to work!

Holy Moly! This website is a disaster! It's been LONG overdue for an update. So I'm starting off the year with an overhaul. New paintings will be up for sale. Also I've added my Etsy link for ease of purchasing paintings and prints. You can find that in the LINKS...

Follow me on Instagram

Come join me on Instagram for more updates on what I'm working on. Lots of pics of works in progress. I'm currently working on several pieces for a future show in August. I've also started mice taxidermy. That's super fun :D

Sorry I lag!

OK guys, I've been REALY lagging on updating this website. My Facebook page and Instagram are updated almost daily and I've neglected this website. So with the new year, I plan to get this site updated! It's gonna take some time. I've already added a couple more paintings that are...

Several art shows coming up!

I've been busy painting away for several upcoming group shows. Mini show at Metallo Gallery (NM), Hive Gallery (CA), Sev Ven Gallery (CA), La Luz de Jesus Gallery (CA). Lots going on and coming up! Visit my Facebook page for more info.

Lots to do!

I'm hoping to start work on the purple clown painting at the beginning of October. In the mean time I have lots to do. I have several other projects that need to get done. I have baby portraits (baby shower gift), a zombie unicorn sculpture (Hive's sculpture show), small day...

Upcoming projects

I have several things going on at the moment. I am nearing the end of my clown portrait and now have to start thinking about the next one. Wow! I'm excited to be done with this one. I also have some baby portraits I have to do for a friend....

Busy month for me! Need to paint more.

This month I have to finish several pieces for a couple of June shows I will be in. The first is at The Hive for their video game themed group show. The other is for a scary bunny show at The Land of Odd Gallery. 3 other artists (Missy Feigum,...

Clown Project Update

I have started my giant clown project. My goal is to complete 7-10 life size portraits. It's going to be a hard road especially since I'm used to painting on 6"x6" or smaller canvases. These giant canvases are 6'x4'! The first clown will also be a self portrait. I feel...

Great time at The Land of Odd Gallery!

Last night (2/13/10) The Land of Odd Gallery had their $100 or Less Art Show opening. It was packed. I have put up a few photos from the night. I sold a couple small pieces and met some amazing artists, Chuck Hodi, Christie Bastet (Creepy Dolls), Jeff Bertrand, and Walt...

More Death Flowers

There are more Death Flowers up in the painting gallery. Hurry and get yours. They are already selling!!

Bookmarks are selling fast!

I only have one "Candy Bat" bookmark left! They have been going fast. It's a gummi wedge candy bat in a white bookmark. Original painting. Check it out in the painting gallery. Only $10!

Big Eyeball Heart painting is done

The headline pretty much says it all. My big "Eyeball Heart" painting is done. New photo in the painting gallery. The watermark is not on the painting. So many eyeballs!!

Galleries are now more organized

I've created a "Sold!" gallery where all my sold work goes to live. I figured it would just be easier for you guys. Just because they have been sold doesn't mean they can be forgotten about. So be sure to visit them.

8 NEW paintings

I have finished 8 NEW paintings! New photos are up in the Painting Gallery. One crazy face and lots of eyeball hearts. I needed to work on something a bit less tedious so I did this fun little series of eyeball hearts. So cute and small. I'm currently working on...

More "Candy Bats"

I just finished 2 more "Candy Bat" paintings. They are in the Night Gallery show from Feb-7th-March 25th. Photos of the pieces are in my painting gallery.

New "Candy Bat" painting

I have finished a new painting in the "Candy Bat" series. They aren't really candy bats but angry cherries that sit on the cupcake bats. New piece up in the painting gallery. "Cherry Madness". acrylic on canvas, 2"x2". The sides are painted so no need for a frame. This piece...

Watch me paint!

If you're interested to see how my paintings are created please visit my YouTube page at
There you can watch me paint. I am currently working on a few different paintings at the moment and I'm trying to document as much as I can. Enjoy!

New Candy Bat!

I have finished another candy bat. In the Halloween spirit I have made a Pumpkin Bat sitting under the moonlight. It's in the painting gallery. Enjoy!

Sold some Candy Bats

The show at The Kids Are Alright is going well. Someone recently bought "Cupcake House", "Cupcake Bat", and "Lollipop Bat". I've also sold some bookmarks and hand painted boxes. I'm in the process of making more candy bats so keep checking back.

More Bunnies!

There are new bunny pieces up! "Third Eye" is in the painting gallery and "The Perfect Pumpkin" is in the drawing gallery. Both great for Halloween gifts. Enjoy!

No more Naughty Legos

All my Legos are gone. They were all bought on Monday night. So they will not be at my show in Oct. Also the "Candy Heart Bat" was sold also.

Watch me paint!

Now you can watch me paint. I am usually painting around 9pm-midnight during the week. As far as what days... whenever I'm in the mood. If you want to be informed of the next broadcast just message me your email address and I'll let you know. Warning, I get distracted...

So much going on

I'm almost done with my "Zombie Bert and Ernie" painting. I'm very excited about it.

"Near and Far" sold this weekend. I have lots of pieces still up at Somatic (3406 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA)

My latest piece "My Very Own Zombie Finger" is now up in the drawing...

I dressed up the kids.

New images in the painting gallery! I dressed up my "Little Boy" and "Little Girl". Now they are playing doctor. It's funny how a little bit of fabric can change something that's cute and innocent into something dark and naughty, kind of a horror scene. Complete with blood splatters on...

New "Candy Bat"

I have finished another "Candy Bat" It's posted it in the painting gallery. So cute! It measures 2.5"x3" (4"x4.5" framed). If you want to see it framed email me and let me know. $30 (shipping not...

Cupcake Bat

My "Cupcake Bat" is the cutest thing I've done in a while. Check it out in the painting gallery. I just want to eat it!! It makes people smile when they look at it. A cute little cupcake with little bat wings... and sprinkles! It's acrylic on canvas. 5"x5" square...

New Hand Painted Boxes

I have put up a new section in the gallery, hand painted boxes. The ones up right now are from my "Candy Bat" series. All are acrylic on wooden boxes. All are for sale!

More New Artwork!

I'm working on a new series. It's candy related. MMMmmmmm...candy :) It'll be cute. I updated the drawing gallery so a few of them are there. I'm still working on more.

Sold some work at HELL

I had a good time at HELL last night. I sold a bit of work. My "Yellow Bunny" found a new home. I also sold some boxes and a few art cards. It just means I have to make some more...

Added new photos in Gallery

I finally added photos of other pieces I had finished for the last HELL show. They are all for sale. Price includes frame. Just message me if interested.

Last HELL show

Some good things happened and some bad things happened. Lets start with the good. I sold "The Gimp" and a couple commissioned pieces. So I made some money (which is always good). Bad was that some drunk kid knocked over my easel with all my artwork on it. The easel...

New artwork!

I have put up some new photos in the drawing gallery. Some cute smaller works and a still life of a mouse skull on some rocks. I'm working on a couple more. A small sculptural piece involving doll parts and another still life. I'm hoping to get all this done...

Small art show last Sat.

I was in a small art show this past Sat. It was super last minute so i didn't really have any time to promote it. It was at the 2nd St. Cigar and Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. It was fun. I got a chance to talk to the other...

New Photos in the Gallery

New photos up of my latest project. A series of five small paintings. Just for fun. Mostly inspired by the people at HELL. Plus a stripper!. They all debuted at the Feb. HELL show.

HELL was fun.

I got some good feedback on my new pieces. HELL was fun. Lots of interesting people to look at. The next one is on Wednesday, March 26. I'll try to post some pics up soon.

New website!

Welcome to my new website. I am hoping to get everything up and running asap. Feel free to leave me any comments. Thanks!...