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December 1969


October 2013

Sev Ven Gallery

Saturday Oct. 5th at Sev Ven Gallery will be the first showing of my finished Slimer painting. The show will be up for a few weeks.
"Feed Your Soul", 24"x32", acrylic and clear tar gel on canvas

July 2013

The Hive Gallery and Studios

Comic “Villains" curated by Trek Lewis and The Hive. I made a piece for this show, "Crazy Quilt". I was a little out of my element but had fun making it.

August 2012

Sev Ven Gallery

Sev Ven August Art Opening
1400 sq ft of Dark, bizarre, surreal and outsider art
Live music by Vagrant Nation
Body Painting by Loni Peacock
Henna by Jonathan Baker
Riveras Fresh Taco Truck
Live Painting
$8.00 door donation includes one raffle ticket
Food truck
beer, wine and cheese
18 and older with ID
art by over 30 emerging and established artists
Featured artists include Jinx, Robert Ball, Sean Madden, Ralski, David Klein, Jim Charette, Ricardo Cisneros, Black Mass, Jeremy Cross, Brett Hess, Cassandra Whitaker, Elsies,Patricia Monge, Vince Reyes, Carlos Rosas, Jay Olsen and more...

July 2012

The Rochester Art House

The Art has been confiscated for your viewing and purchasing pleasure! Come see the DETAINED ARTIST hard at work creating and collaborating!
You TOO can be detained! Just bring your OWN supplies and join them as they continue to menace our society with DEGENERATE ART!

This time don't just be a spectator... be an accomplice!

Detained artists include:
Orlee Andromedae
Jonathan Baker
Roxanne Zidell
Ricardo Cisneros
Carlito Brigante
Michelley Queen of Queens
Kat Monroe
Johnny Scott Gramercy
Erin Stone
David Klein
Jennifer Korsen
Ivaldis Dream Trove

Food, Drinks, Music and ART!

And remember, D.A.D.A. loves you.


June 2012

The Hive Gallery and Studios

I'm one of the 4 featured artists at the 2nd Annual "Circus, Circus" art show at The Hive Gallery. I'll be showing my clown paintings, the big ones plus some smaller, more affordable paintings as well.

The Hive Gallery and Studios Presents:

CIRCUS, CIRCUS!! Our second Circus themed show..........bring on the clowns!!!

Opening and Performances:
June 2nd, 2012
$8 door/ $5 for those in Clown or circus makeup
Show runs: June 2nd- 30th

Featured Artist 1: Dustin Myers
Featured Artist 2: Jaime Jiminez
Featured Artist 3: Jinx
Featured Artist 4: Charlie Chiodo
Special Feature: Bizzaro Au Go-Go
Installation Artist: Stephen Holman
Tall Wall: Gilbert Oh
Small Wall: Deborah Scott

Circus, Circus Artists:

Ver Mar / Dani Manning / Paul Wilson / Ron Pete / Liz DeSilva / Ashleymarie Sey DeBondt / Jennifer King / Chance Garrick Williams / Andrea Tseng / Ave Rose / Erik Siador / Paul Arden
Lefty Joe Torres / Rafael Isaac Delgado Jr. / Cynthia Rogers / Hestin Lostwood / Paul Wilson / Keith Wong / FLAN / Bruce Telopa / Kyle Abernethy / Henry F. Cram / Celene Petrulak / Robin Holden /
Preston Craig / Harold Scott Clark / Dave Warshaw / and more to be Announced!!!

March 2012

Westfield Topanga Art Walk

Huge group show at the Topanga Mall, including D.A.D.A. artists!! My "9 of Wands" painting will be there.

February 2012

"Entartete Kunst III" Degenerate Art Show

I will be showing some older work as well as painting live. Should be lots of fun :D

Free Artist reception starts at 8PM.
$5 after 10PM
Art / Music / Refreshments - 21+

Please visit the D.A.D.A. website for more info

D.A.D.A. has been continuing to watch and gather information from Degenerate "Artists" around the globe. They corrupt our youth and undermine our homogeneous society of noble citizens.

We have now invaded DTLA!

Here is a recent interview with some core D.A.D.A. members (Including Jinx):

January 2012

The Hive Gallery "Tarot 3"

The Hive's annual Tarot Card show. My card was the "9 of Wands". A unicorn fighting off 8 tentacles in the clouds. Acrylics, pencil and gold leaf on wood. THis show will stay up until Jan. 28th, 2012. Stop by and check it out! The URL is to the Facebook event page.

December 2011

"Tiny Treasures 6" show at Cactus Gallery

I have several small, very affordable pieces in this show!

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011 ~7-10pm

Please join us for our 6th Annual "Tiny Treasures" Art Exhibit -- this year we are showing the original works of more than 55 artists. This is a "cash and carry" style show so come early to find your favorites first!

Handmade ornaments, acrylic paintings and oil paintings on canvas and wood, collage, photographs, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry and more. All works $100 and under.
Give the gift of Art!

October 2011

The Spooky Show

It’s the time of year for all the ghosts and goblins to come out and play. Curator Terri Berman has assembled about 50 artists to bring out that Halloween spirit. Come and join the festivities for the opening of the “Spooky" Show at Monkeyhouse on Saturday, October 15th, from 6-9pm.

Artists include:
Grace Albelda, Douglas Alvarez, Kim Bagwell, Brooke Bearup, Terri "Tooter" Berman, Airom Bleicher, Julie Bossinger, Jonathan Bueno, Michelle Caplan, Deryke Cardenaz, Marcel DeJure, J Fuchs, Cristian "Smear" Gheorghiu, John Michael Gill, Harrel Goldstein, Dan Goodsell, Kio Griffith, Patrick Haemmerlein, Walter Hall, Mary J Hoffman, Lisa Hull, Jinx, Billy Kheel, Aaron Kraten, Jose Lopes, Supersmash Max, Isabella Electra McGrath, Marlon McWilliams, Jon Measures, Sal Mendez, Yuki Miyazaki, Delphia Nikolaus, Tom Oliver, Jerry Paeff, Vera Paras, Carol Powell, Sarah Ramirez, Shannon Rowland, Uddon Soup, Mike Street, Paula Tade, Mayumi Tanaka, Kelly Thompson, Paul Torres, Jessica Valencia, David VonDerLinn, Susan Catherine Weber and more...

"Entartete Kunst II" Degenerate Art Show


$8.00 "Entrance Donation" at the door
$10.00 "Entrance + 2 Drink Ticket Donation" at the door

Art / Music / Refreshments - 21+

Over 30 artists displaying their "Degenerate" art, including Jinx, Alex Schaefer, 4614, Black Mass, Jeremy Cross, Kim Mayhew, and many more!

Please visit the D.A.D.A. website for more info

September 2011

"Drawn From the Desert" Art show and benefit

Announcing "Drawn From The Desert" benefiting local Morongo Basin artist Kim Mayhew of Ant Farm Studio (, home of the Ant Farm Gang and her signature "Loco Folko" art. Kim recently underwent uterine cancer surgery and treatment with minimal insurance and the art community is rallying to help someone who has given so much over the years. Your donations will help her with both existing and future medical costs related to this diagnosis.
Tamma's Magic Mercantile 55727 29 Palms Hwy Yucca Valley, CA

August 2011

the Hive Gallery and Studios

My latest painting, "Honey", will be in this year's "Bee-rotica" show at the Hive.

Show Opening: August 6th, 8PM-12:30AM
$8 at door
Show runs August 6th-27th

Featured Artist 1: Sze Jones
Featured Artist 2: Sean Joyce
Featured Artist 3: Yuki Miyazaki
Tall Wall Artist: Arlene Ascunsion
Small Wall Artist: Anna Chung
Installation Artist: Meagan Boyd

August 2011 Bee-rotica IV

Crystal Barbre / John Mahoney / Grant Fuhst / Mimi Yoon / Jinx / Amina Harper / Boxcar Joe / Coker / Pukac / Kristi Bockrath / Larkin / Andrew Long / Dani Manning / Charles Swenson / Salah / Janae Carado / Adam Deal / Maritza Torres / Cynthia Rogers / Dabbs Anderson / Amina Harper / Ryan Campbell / Lefty Joe Torres / and more!

July 2011

"Entartete Kunst" Degenerate Art Show


$5.00 "Donation" at the door
Music / Food / Refreshments - 18+

D.A.D.A. has been watching and gathering information on these Degenerate "Artist". They corrupt our youth and undermine our homogeneous society of noble citizens.

These "Artist" will be detained. Their work will be confiscated and put on displayed.

Please do your part to keep this filth off the streets. Buy as much of this degenerate work as possible to keep it out of the hands of our impressionable youth.

Our Current Offenders Are:

Emily Steigerwald
Black Mass
Ricardo Cisneros
Peter Alan
Roxanne Zidell
Naomi Coronel
Michelley QueenofQueens
Michael Jones
David Hinnebusch
Archibald Ragland
Zach Venice
with Degenerate Music and Sounds by Cursed Chimera and Sadore

June 2011

Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery

I Still Heart LA group art show
I will have a small painting in this show.

The Hive Gallery and Studios

The Hive June 2011- “CIRCUS, CIRCUS" Themed show

My "Blue Clown" painting will be in this show. This is your chance to actually see this painting! This show is going to be BIG! The show will be up all month.

Seminole Library at St. Petersburg College, Seminole campus

Faces of the Feminine: Superheroines and Popular Culture
I created a Fantomah inspired painting for this show. Fantomah was the first superheroine (Feb 1940). When she uses her powers her face turns into a skull while the rest of her body remains the same. Very powerful and rather violent of a character.

May 2011

Circus Disco

RED-UNION | Saturday May 14th @ Circus Disco with YOJI (Biomehankia). Bringing art and music together to help the people in Japan. Featuring 3 massive rooms of music and art show, showcasing over 20 local artists. All proceeds will benefit UNICEF through the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. Tickets available at:

LIVE PAINTING featuring: Alex Chiu, Dcypher, Dytch 66, Grace Albelda, JSalvador, Jamie Johnson, Jinx, JNGL, John Park, Karlo Santa Ana, Putos, Randy Kono, Radhika Hersey, Shaun "Kasl" Singer, Simon Estrada, Van Saro, Walt Hall and Yuki Miyazaki.

Special thanks to Gene La Pietra, Incognito, Loc & Johnny, Trek & The Hive Gallery, Core Ent, Afro 99, Atomic Mike, Hooplur and Cyrus for making this happen! Happy Birthday set to DJ Barbie as well!

See you there!

The Hive Gallery and Studios

The Hive Gallery Group show and Performances-
May 7th, 8PM-12:30AM
$8 at door
Show runs May 7th-28th

Featured Artist 1: Philippe Fernandez
Featured Artist 2: Michael Nikolas
Featured Artist 3: Japanda
Tall Wall Artist: Christopher Lyles
Small Wall Artist: Tanya Maiboroda
Installation Artist: Simon Estrada

Hive Group show:

Stephen Williams / Diane Kohne / Baron Christi / Mer Young / Warren Heard / Sean Joyce / Dave Kupczyk / Debbie Lee / Heesun Kim / Tiffany Chang / Da Hae Kim / Jocelyn Marsh / Mashanda Scott /
Samantha Kallis / Grace Kim / Aileen Holmes / Jessica Huang / Evangeline Joo / Jantzen Peake / Ping Zhu / Melissa Valladares / Christine Wu / James Chong / Gyorgy Bp Szabo / Juan Garrido / Ariella /
Lefty Joe Torres / Erika Jane Mallette / Marianne Williams / Matthew Levin / Yumiko Awae / Charles Swenson / Terri Woodward / Karen Kang / Ariella / Jocelyn Marsh / Daisuke Okamoto / Harold Scott Clark /
Suzy Engelman Block / Sam Koji / Larkin / Wellington Rawls / Matthew Price / Matthew Levin / Ivan Gondinez / Zara Kand / Jinx / Frances Muenzer / Ryan Campbell / Jantzen Peake / Sze Jones / Gilbert Oh /
Dominic Polcino / Maritza Torres / Scott Murry / Lydia Burris / Catastropher and more!

April 2011

The Hive Gallery and Studios

I plan to paint live right outside The Hive during the opening this Saturday (4/2). Also during the Artwalk on Thursday (4/7)

March 2011

The Hive Gallery and Studios

"Alice in Wonderland II", Over 50 featured Hive artists exhibit themed works.
My piece "I am the White Rabbit" is in this show.

1 Wicked Gallery

"Red Death Masquerade" group show at One Wicked Gallery. My piece, "Red Death" is in this show.

February 2011

The Hive Gallery and Studios

Artists make collectible pieces based, 11″x14″ or smaller based on the theme “Lovers and Haters". My piece "I want eat" is in this show.

January 2011

The Hive Gallery and Studios

“HIVE TAROT 2″ Over 50 artists have made custom Tarot Card inspired pieces. My piece is "Ace of Wands".

December 2010

The Hive Gallery and Studios

Fun show at THe Hive with lots of affordable art. Great for holiday gifts.

November 2010

The Hive Gallery and Studios

“Master Blasters of Sculpture 2″ AMAZING sculpture show at The Hive. Harvey, the zombie unicorn was there.

October 2010

The Land of Odd Gallery

Come celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of The Land of Odd Gallery. I'll have a couple paintings on this show.

Fight Back, Move Forward art show at Billups Art

I'm donating a piece for this show. It's an art benefit for cancer survivors.

The Cactus Gallery

Opening night Saturday, October 9th 7-10pm.
Dia de los Muertos art show. I'll have 6 mini paintings in this show.

The Hive Gallery and Studios

"Hell" themed group show. I have a new skull painting in this show. This show is in conjunction with The Temple of Visions "Heaven" themed show.

September 2010

APOPcalypse at The ARTery Gallery @ The LAB

An art show featuring apocalyptic themed work. I have my zombie silhouettes there.

The Hive Gallery and Studios

I have a piece in the group show. It's gonna be a good one :) I'll be at the opening. Stop by and say hi!

August 2010

The Cellar

One night only art show at The Cellar. Several artists and live music to enjoy! 21+

July 2010

The Hive Gallery and Studios

I have one of my "Sideshow Monster" pieces in the group show.

June 2010

The Land of Odd Gallery

“Photography Exhibition & The Bunny Show"

Opening reception Saturday, June 12th from 7pm to 12am

Join us at The Land of Odd Gallery on Saturday, June 12th from 7pm to 12am for the opening receptions of our Photography Exhibition & The Bunny Show. Featuring the photography of: Vern Evans, Jolly de Guzman, Edith Ben-Horin, Bruce Kaplan, Joe B. Hall, Diane Harrelson and twisted, evil bunny artwork by: Jinx, Sheri DeBow, Missy Feigum, and Carisa Swenson.

Refreshments will be served and the event is FREE.

The Hive Gallery and Studios

"B3- Video Game Themed show"
June 5th 8-12:30AM
$8 at door/ $5 for those dressed in Black and Yellow
Show runs June 5- 26th

I will have a new painting in the video game show. Plants vs. Zombies!

April 2010

The Hive Gallery and Studios

I will be participating in the Global Inheritance "Think Big" Themed show. I have painted one of the little trash cans specifically for this sow. These cans will travel the USA to help teach people about recycling. Also it The Hive's 5th Year Anniversary!! So it's definitely going to be a big party you don't want to miss.

March 2010

The Camp, Suite B100

Homegrown: Fresh-Picked Art
Opening Reception: Friday, March 19th, 7-10pm
at The Camp, Suite B100
with DJ Brian, snacks, libations, and drinks by Honest Tea

Featuring Artists:
Frank Hansen, Aileen Holmes, Jeff Gillette, Cate Rangel, Kelly Castillo, Kitty Brown, Michael White, Jesse Standlea, Alex Chiu, Amy Kaplan, Anna Judd, Jinx, Kathie Warren, Patrick Nguyen, Celia Zimmer, Cheryl Cambras, Craig Roccanova, Timothy Daniel Flynn, Dave Zaboski, Sweet Doll, CrayonFawn, Will Thompson, David Michael Lee, Erica Wolfsen, Gordon Dooley, Hezaa, Ian Van Hamersveld, Robert Ball, Sean Woolsey

Show runs through April 18th.
Hours will be posted on the blog:

The Land of Odd Gallery

Come to The Land of Odd Gallery’s 5×7″ Group Show, opening on the evening of March 13, 2010 from 6pm to 12am. We will also be continuing our $100 and Under Art Show so if you missed getting to see it, now is your chance to come by and check it out. This event will be held in conjunction with the NELA 2nd Saturday art walk. As always refreshments will be served and the event is FREE!

We are proud to have the following artists participating in the 5×7″ show: Chito Arellano, Christie Bastet, Jeff Bertrand, Julie Bossinger, Deryke Cardenaz, Jennifer Cuellar, Brad Davis, Jolly de Guzman, Diane Harrelson, Chuck Hodi, Edith Ben Horin, Jinx, Bruce Kaplan, Patrick Quinn, Pablo Ramos, Monica Roache, Annalise Sullivan, Jason Sullivan, Melissa Sullivan, and Christopher Umana. Most of these works have been created especially for this event and have never been exhibited before, so come by and show your support.

February 2010

The Land of Odd Gallery

$100 or less art show Sat. Feb. 13, 2010. Everything will be priced at $100 or less at this show. I will have over 15 pieces there! Affordable for everyone. And it's the day before my birthday. See you there :)

Gallery Hours:
Monday through Thursday - by appointment
Friday & Saturday: 2:00 - 10:00pm
Sunday: 1:00 - 6:00pm

The Hive Gallery and Studios

There will be a group show as well. I will have one of my bunny and skully paintings there.

January 2010

The ARTery Gallery @ The LAB

Please join The ARTery Gallery for the opening reception for our next show this Saturday, January 23rd @ 7pm! I will have 2 Valentine's Day themed pieces in this show. I won't be at the opening because I have to work but don't let that stop you from going.

December 2009

The Hive

"Price Less" $200 and under group show

I have my "Eyeball Heart" painting in this show. Lots of great art in this one!

November 2009

The Rebel Unit

Saturday, November 21st, for ONE NIGHT ONLY (during the Santa Ana Artwalk), I will be the Featured Artist at The Rebel Unit. Almost everything I have for sale will be there. Lots of pieces for $100 or less. Stop on by! There will be beer and cookies. Yum!

October 2009

ARTFIRE at Sanjang Coffee Garden

Sunday afternoon
Art, Coffee, and a blazing fire pit!
Over 20 talented artists' mini works for sale
Paintings, drawings, sculpture, jewelry and photography for sale
$1.50 valet parking
101 S. Virgil St., Los Angeles, CA 90004 1 block south of Beverly Blvd. at the south/west corner of 1st and Virgil.


Halloween-themed art & photography exhibit featuring the work of Stephen Von Frankenstein, Desiree Guerrero, Danger S. Jones & Jinx!

Landing Party Gallery

Eyeballs and nudity! The art of Jinx at the Landing Party Gallery. Opening Thursday, Oct 8th during the Artwalk.

749 S. Broadway at 8th St. It is the right-hand blue door in the Blue Jeans Building. Come up the stairs.

August 2009


I will be showing here. I haven't decided what yet but it'll be something good.

One Night Only!
Tuesday, August 11th
910 east 1st st.
doors open at 9pm
21 and up
910 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA (at the corner of 1st and Vignus)

May 2009

Phantom Gallery

I'll have a few zombie pieces in this show. My Bert & Ernie zombie painting will be there (not for sale but you can check it out)as well as other zombie artwork that will be for sale.

Splice at Bordello

I will be showing here. I think I'll bring more "Candy Bats". Splice the Art show and live music event (6 bands, 20 artists)
on thursday May 21st at the Bordello 910 east 1st st. at the corner of 1st and vignus
doors open at 9pm
21 and up

April 2009

PULSE at Bordello

One night only show! I will be showing my "Candy Bats".

Club Halo, Liquid City and 2nd Unit present a rock-and-roll art show like none other: PULSE. 4 bands, 10 artists, 1 DJ and 200 freaks and weirdos from the wrong side of LA.

Thursday, Apr 23, 2009 9:00 PM

The Bordello
910 E. 1st St.
Los Angeles

The Blue Cafe

This is a one night only show at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach. I will be bringing my "Candy Bats". The art show is upstairs. Hope to see you guys there. Don't forget to tell the door person you are there to see Jinx!

March 2009

The Blue Cafe

This is a one night only show at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach. Awesome bands (Guild goes on at 11pm!) and great art! I will have some work upstairs here. Hope to see you guys there. Don't forget to tell the door person you are there to see Jinx!

February 2009

Night Gallery

Featured artists: Jinx, KC Wilkerson, Christopher Perrin, Adriana Garibay, and Lost Goat

The show will be a month long. I'l have my "Candy Bats" there. Stop on by and say hello.

October 2008

The Kids Are Alright

This is my first solo show!! I'll be exhibiting some small series. Candy Bats, Amputee Zombie Ladies, Art Trading Cards, The Kids...
The show runs from Oct 1-31, 2008.

The opening reception is Saturday, Oct. 4th from 6-9pm. Show your support!

A portion of all sales will be donated to the Museum of Latin American Art, sponsoring 7 Long Beach schools to a day at the museum.

September 2008

Blue Cafe

Me and 3 other artists (Emily Steigerwald, Debra Haden, and Chuck U. Farley) will be exhibiting some of our work at the Blue Cafe on Thursday, Sept 18th. The "Candy Bats" will be there and all will be for sale. Stop on by so see some great artwork and listen to some awesome music.

August 2008


Zombies! Zombie artwork and zombie artist :)

July 2008


I'm going to be bringing out some older stuff for this show. Some old classics :) Come and check it out! Entrance is free before 11pm if you tell them you are there to see JINX!

June 2008


I might have some more "Candy Bats" at this show. You'll just have to come and see. Entrance is free before 11pm if you tell the cashier you are there to see JINX!


I'll have some work up at this show. One night only event. Stop by and say hi!

RUIN HOLLYWOOD - darkly dreaming, decadent evenings of filigree and shadow, where the music drips, and the dancers sway to the finest macabre pleasures in the Los Angeles Underground. Featuring some of LA's hottest underground artists on the outdoor patio.

May 2008


Art show at club HELL. I'm going to try really hard to get some new work done to show here.

2nd St Cigars and Gallery

I have my bone series up here until June 11th. Come check it out!

April 2008


This is the next HELL art show. I'll probably bring the same stuff as last time. Since it got knocked over a lot of people didn't get to see it. I might have some new things there too. Maybe some little boxes.